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Personal Narratives in ELA!

Personal Narratives in ELA!

6th grade students in Ms. Shanahan's ELA class started their personal narratives this week.

This week students were asked to create personal narratives, sharing relevant stories from their own lives.

For many students, writing personal narratives is one of the most enjoyable writing assignments in ELA class.

At the beginning of class, Ms. Shanahan explained the writing assignment and went over a timeline the students could use for gathering ideas.

Students were asked to map out moments or subjects in their lives that they wanted to possibly write about.

The students then were asked to zoom in on one specific important moment. This would be the subject for their personal narrative.

Students worked hard on their timelines and were excited to start writing their essays.

The students spent most of the class writing, but had five minutes at the end of class to share what they had accomplished with a classmate.


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