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Instant Activities in PE!

Instant Activities in PE!

6th grade student's in Mr. Moser's PE class were excited to get outside Friday morning to participate in instant activities.

Chippewa students were excited to be back at school this week to meet their new teachers and reconnect with classmates they hadn't seen all summer.

6th grade students in Mr. Moser's PE class learned about behavior expectations, received their uniforms and were given locks for their assigned lockers.

On Friday they were able to go outside and participate in "instant activities."

"Instant activities" are designed to get physical education class off to a quick, dynamic and fun start.

The students split up into three different groups consisting of two teams each and played a game called 5 Pass.

The game 5 Pass helps students build communication and teamwork skills, as well as providing a decent amount of physical activity.

Students had a great time playing with different teams throughout the period.

At the end of class, Mr. Moser challenged the students as a group to count to ten without two people saying the same number. Students were not allowed to verbally plan out who was going to say what number so they had to come up with a strategy.

After multiple attempts, one person was designated as a leader and students who wanted to say a number had to raise their hand. Using this strategy they were able to count to ten together while following the rules of the game.

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