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Mural Mosaic Club!

Mural Mosaic Club!

Art Teacher Carli Kanter and English Language Arts Teacher Erin Shanahan run a Mural Mosaic Club at Chippewa Middle School twice a month.

During the club, students work on a large mural mosaic made out of tiles that, when completed, will be hung on the wall in the hallway across from the art room.

Some of the students used hammers to break the tiles up into different sizes to be used for various parts of the mural.

The mosaic mural is composed of three large canvases that will sit next to each other to make one complete image.

Students in the club are also working on a Jen Stark mural project.

The Stark project consists of students creating drip paintings, making a small piece of art and then combining them to make a complete mural.

Students and staff are excited to see what both murals will look like once complete! 

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