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Young Chicago Authors Visit CMS

Young Chicago Authors Visit CMS

Chippewa Middle School recently hosted a four-day residency of writers and poets from the non-profit organization Young Chicago Authors.

During the residency, all of the seventh grade English Language Arts students had the opportunity to generate ideas and write original poems with the support of the authors.

In Ms. Melissa Kucjaz's ELC class the students created a poem and a clapping game about nature.

The class started by first going outside to observe nature and what their five senses were observing.

They then paired up with another classmate and worked on a clapping game to describe what they had been feeling when they were outside.

Once the students finished the clapping game they worked on a poem together.

When they were done, they performed their game and recited their poem in front of the whole class.

In slam poetry fashion if the students liked the game and poem they would snap their fingers.

According to Young Chicago Authors, their mission is

"to help young people from all backgrounds understand the importance of their own stories and those of others, so that they can pursue the path they choose and work to make their communities more just and equitable." 


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