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Balancing Advanced Equations in Science

Balancing Advanced Equations in Science

8th grade student's in Mrs. Caitlin Hatta's class this week learned how to balance high school level equations.

The students started class working on the daily equation. Their goal was to determine if it was balanced or not.

Mrs. Hatta then went over the equation with them and showed them the long way of balancing an advanced equation. 

After showing them how to do that she showed them an easier way to balance it. Mrs. Hatta always starts with the hardest way to balance an equation and then shows them techniques they can use to make it easier.

The students then tried out the new technique they learned on other equations and then worked with their groups to balance a new unique equation.

Mrs. Hatta gave them each their own areas on the whiteboard for them to show their work. 

She walked around to each group to check their equations and worked with them on balancing them if they were incorrect.

At the end of class she explained how these were high school level equations that the students were balancing and they had the opportunity to work on more before class was over.

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