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Photo of Dr. Amadei speaking at the D62 Art Gallery at the Des Plaines Library

Dr. Michael AmadeiSuperintendent of schools


Photo of Dr. Amadei at the Westerhold Early Learning Center

Dear District 62 Community,

It is my privilege to lead as your Superintendent of Schools for Community Consolidated School District 62.
As a public school educator I have served students and families in the State of Illinois for the past 25 years with the last 15 of those years proudly served right here in Des Plaines. As I reflect on my years in the district, I am extremely proud of the leadership, compassion and dedication that makes District 62 a destination district.
For the last four years, I've served as the Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources. In that role, I was responsible for collaborating with all stakeholders to ensure best practice with regards to personnel services and records, pandemic and regular staffing issues, contract administration, and personnel review and appraisal. Prior to that I served for a decade as the principal of Iroquois Community School, the district’s year-round school.
Throughout my time at Iroquois, I collaborated with and challenged the staff resulting in high academic expectations and outcomes while also focusing on strong SEL (social emotional learning) practices. Together through our efforts we became an Apple Distinguished School, one of 400 in the world.At the beginning of my career I was a fifth grade teacher, and I loved my time at Garfield Elementary School in Elgin U-46. During my time teaching I was invited to participate in an administrator internship and was moved to an assistant principal position. One year later I became the principal of Prairieview Elementary School. During my time in these radically different learning environments I engaged families that were affluent, as well as supporting families from diverse backgrounds.
These experiences had a profound impact on my understanding that deep inequities could exist within the same school district and even within the same school building. Needless to say my time spent as a teacher and then a principal influenced my role as an instructional leader, even to this day.
Photo of Dr. Amadei talking to teacher Cathy Hanley outside Algonquin Middle School

 Every single day I recognize the ability I have to make an incredible difference for the students, families, staff and community that I serve.

Fast-forwarding to today I have appreciated the opportunities for growth in this district. What fulfills me is maintaining a culture that is caring, professional, ethical, collaborative and accountable. The significance of my role in education is never lost on me. Every single day I recognize the ability I have to make an incredible difference for the students, families, staff and community that I serve. My wife, Jennifer, is a career teacher and as parents of Naomi and Cooper, we know first-hand the difference a committed, high-quality, professional school district can make for each and every one of our students.

I am proud to be a part of the Des Plaines and Rosemont learning communities, our staff’s dedication and the perseverance of our students. I look forward to all we will accomplish, and I can say with certainty that the future is very bright!

Michael A. Amadei, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools
Community Consolidated School District 62

CCSD62 Twitter


    A Few Minutes with Dr. Mike - Podcast

    The focus of this podcast series is to engage with YOU: our community. We look forward to sharing our stories about all the extraordinary things happening in our district and giving you insight into what we have in store for the future of Community Consolidated School District 62.

    Photo of Superintendent, Michael Amadei with headphones on recording his podcast

    Episode 1: A year in review

    On his first episode, Dr. Mike speaks with Jennifer Tempest Bova, Director of Community Relations, reflecting on his first year as Superintendent.

    July 1, 2023

    Running Time: 19:56

    Listen Now!



    Photo of Des Plaines Police Chief recording a podcast in Superintendent Dr. Amadei's office.

    Episode 2: School Safety & Security

    On his second episode, Dr. Mike speaks with City of Des Plaines Police Chief David Anderson, about the district's collaborations to further enhance our school safety and security Measures.

    October 20, 2023

    Running Time: 24:36

    Listen Now!


    Image of Dr. Ramona DeCristafaro

    Episode 3: social emotional learning

    On his Third episode, Dr. Mike interviews our new Assistant Superintendent for Student Services, Dr. Ramona DeCristofaro. Listen in as we learn about her background, her vision for the future and the importance of Providing a school environment that supports social emotional learning.

    May 1, 2024

    Running Time: 29:23

    Listen Now!




    FY24 Message to the Community


    CCSD62 New Five-year Strategic plan

    Curiosity  •  Compassion  •  Courage

    We are excited to share that the Board of Education adopted a new five-year strategic plan at the April 15, 2024 meeting.Developing Our Next Strategic Plan

    Developed through a collaborative effort that involved District 62 students, District 207 students, staff, Board of Education members, families and community, the newly adopted strategic plan focuses on five key goals:  

    teachers discussing together at table
    women at desk with papers
    adults discussing important paperwork

    Photos from our Settings Direction Retreat which took place on December 19, 2023.

    Learn More

    Our Strategic Plan Goals, Mission, Vision & Core values

    Photo of a student running under a giant parachute.
    Photo of a teacher working with a student in Science class
    Photo of a student talking to another student in class.


    Engage all students in learning that leads to academic growth, achievement, and readiness for high school and beyond.


    Cultivate a safe, inclusive, and engaging culture of learning that supports the academic, social, and emotional growth of each student. 

    Goal 3: Best WORKforce

    Invest in our diverse workforce to encourage innovation, collaboration, communication, responsibility and accountability. 

    goal 4: Best families/community

    Cultivate partnerships with families and the community to support and expand learning opportunities for each student.

    Goal 5: best use of Resources

    Make effective and efficient use of resources to maximize educational success for each student, every school and the district.

    Our Mission

    The mission is about focusing on what is our fundamental purpose; why do we exist?

    Cultivate an inclusive, innovative learning environment that inspires students to explore robust academics, advance their potential and to be compassionate lifelong learners.


    our Vision

    The vision is about what we must become in order to accomplish our fundamental purpose?

    Educate resilient, lifelong learners who think critically and solve problems collaboratively as they prepare for their future.  



    our Motto

    The motto is the saying that defines our district and connects us to our stakeholders. 

    Curiosity  •  Compassion  •  Courage 


    Our core values

    Guide our behaviors and actions.

    • Safety and Well-being
    • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility 
    • Curiosity and Innovation 
    • Collaboration and Communication 
    • Empathy and Trusting Relationships
    • Continuous Improvement and Accountability